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Church Cancelled Thru April 12

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Troy Church of the Brethren,

After much dialogue within the Leadership Team, we wanted the church to know that we are cancelling all church activities through the next four Sundays. thru and including April 12. This includes any church-related meetings. We did not make this decision lightly, but with everything that is going on, it is the prudent thing to do.

The 5th Sunday service next week is already cancelled too, just for awareness. We will continue to assess the situation for whether or not to cancel services beyond that, but given the present reality, we might need to be prepared that we may have to cancel beyond just four more Sundays. Please be patient as we are still working on updating the church calendar, website and facebook.

Just as some other general guidance, we are still allowing access to our building for outside groups, but they must follow the current CDC guidelines to keep groups under 10 people, etc.

We are working to put together a simplified service that our congregation and others may watch via our Facebook page, through our website, or whatever format we finally decide on in the end. We will provide updates on this when it happens.

Obviously, this situation is far from ideal, but it's where things are at right now. If I can just encourage to do one thing... it is to keep praying. Many of us will have more time on our hands since we cannot get out as much. We can spend that time worrying, we can get consumed in watching all the media on the corona virus, or we can spend more time in prayer.

Thanks and God Bless, Matthew Mottice

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