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Church Cancelled March 15

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Dear Troy Church of the Brethren friends and family,

After a lot of dialogue with the Leadership Team and Pastor Jon throughout the day (and actually the last few days), we decided to officially cancel Sunday School and the worship service for this Sunday, March 15th. We will make a case-by-case basis for other church activities as the week progresses, and we will let you know mid-week about next week's services.

Initially, we really did not want to cancel. However, after much dialogue and talking with many medical professionals, we decided it is wise and prudent to cancel, as there is real concern about the possible rapid rate of COVID-19 spreading, especially due to the numbers of tests already coming back positive as the day progresses.

As Christians who hold to the hope of eternal life, we do not have to fear, but we do want to be mindful of the concern of spreading the virus.

Thanks for your understanding, blessings and peace to you- Leadership Team Chair, Matt Mottice


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